Home Interior

Add style to your space.

Pacheaco Construction has worked with many East Bay homeowners unhappy with their home’s current layout. If you’re looking to give your home a more open, modern feel, Pacheaco Construction can make it happen. We understand that the reality of knocking out walls is a big step. With Pacheaco Construction, you’ll be working with highly experienced builders, architects and engineers who will ensure that your renovated home is stylish, safe and just what you imagined.

Imagining that end result can be tricky for some homeowners. If you’re having trouble visualizing how to renovate your home, Pacheaco Construction will make sure you can discuss your remodeling wants and needs with an architect. We find that our clients are often surprised to learn that they really can have those little extras in their remodeled home, whether it’s extra closet space, more natural light or a vaulted ceiling.

Whether you know exactly what you want your home to look like or need some help to figure things out, Pacheaco Construction will do everything possible to make sure you love your newly renovated home.

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